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On occassion I carve out time during my speaking and coaching schedule to offer a few free roadmap calls. This powerful session will help us get clear on exactly what you want in any area of your life, what is holding you back, and what actions you can take towards a life you love living.

I have a limited number of appointments available and they often fill up quickly, so please click the button below before they are all taken.

John Craft

About John Craft

John Craft

The creator of Craft Method Coaching, John Craft, has been working with people for over 40 years and has created a life he loves by helping others create lives they love.

Since he first heard it at the age of 21, he has focused on allowing this timeless principle from Zig Ziglar to guide his life: 

“Help enough other people get what they want and you will get what you want”

For over 40 years John has worked with small businesses and individuals to help them get what they want. He has assisted them in accelerating and simplifying their personal and business processes. This is what he does so that people can do one thing: actualize their dreams in order to create more fulfilling lives for themselves and their families.

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