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I understand where you are right now. That you may feel buried under sadness, grief or other negative emotions. Loss hurts, and it creates all of this. I know. I was there too.




The 3 Craft Method Coaching Transformational Programs

Power of Vision Workshop

#1 Transforming Your Life After Loss

This is the foundational program, and the prerequisite to all future coaching programs because everyone either has or will, experience loss. Loss happens to us all and learning how to deal with it, and its many aftereffects, is the cornerstone for creating a life you’d love.


Because a person can learn to dream and can study visioning and manifestation, and even begin to experience life changes, but when a major, traumatic loss occurs, unless a person has already developed an unshakeable foundation and has a methodology for dealing with it, loss can ruin lives. And it does.

This program provides the foundation. It provides concepts, principles, steps and exercises designed to help people get themselves out of a place of loss and pain and into a place of recovery, restoration and peace.

The program doesn’t teach an “ostrich-method” of dealing with loss…meaning how to put one’s head in the sand and ignore it. That doesn’t work. Instead, TYLAL will show you how to meet it all head on; how to deal with and overcome all the fear, anger, sadness, grief, depression and whatever else you feel after a major loss.

TYLAL gives you a permanent foundation of concepts, steps and exercises you can use for the rest of your life — and in all areas of your life — to effect great and lasting change. Meaning transformation.

The word “mindset” gets thrown around a lot these days; especially in the coaching world. TYLAL isn’t a mindset. It’s more than just a book or another coaching program. TYLAL is actually a lifestyle which empowers you to first begin transforming your life from what it is now, to your future life, but more than that, to actually help you design and create a life you’d love living. One that you wake up every morning and say out loud, “Let’s go see what today has for us!”

The program is taught as a combination of an individual & a small-group 13-week coaching program; meaning anywhere from 5 to 8 participants meeting weekly over Zoom for 60 to 90 minutes, (depending on the topic for the week); time for Q&A during each group session; and with 3 individual coaching sessions for each participant of one hour at the beginning of the program, midway during the program and at the end of the program.

TYLAL is a “stackable” coaching program — meaning that all concepts taught are intentionally created to build one upon another; so that by the time the 13 weeks are over, you’ve built your unshakeable foundation of life transformation.

Power of Vision Workshop

#2 Dream A Little (BIG!!) Dream

Just like all content is “Stackable”, the coaching programs are “Stackable”. This simply means that everything “stacked” on top of the other; it makes learning, retention and implementation easier.

That said, ”Dream A Little (BIG!!) Dream” is stackable on top of TYLAL. If TYLAL is the foundation, then DALBD is the first floor.

In this 12-week program, again coached in the group/individual style as mentioned in TYAL, you’ll learn two things.

One, is how to dream. And how to dream big. You’ll actually test your dream to make sure it’s the right dream for you. You’ll learn how to deal with the stumbling blocks as they arise, (and they will come up), and you’ll learn how to take practical action in order to create the life you’d love.

Two, you’ll learn how to take your dream and create a personal vision for the life you’d love living. Not someone else’s life — but your life. A life that when you wake up every morning, you leap out of bed and can’t wait to “carpe diem” — to seize the day — to see what it has to offer you.

But to “carpe diem”, you first have to create. And everything is created twice. Everything that’s created is created the first time in a person’s mind, then only after that is it created in reality.

Think about it for a moment. The clothes you’re wearing, the home, the office or car you’re in right now; the phone, tablet or computer you’re accessing this information with…ALL of these things were created first in someone’s mind, and only after that, were they created in reality.

The same is true for you. Before you can create the life that you truly want to live — your dream life — first, you have to well, dream it! You must first create it in your mind, before you can manifest it in your reality.

And after you dream it, you must turn the dream into your personal vision. This program will teach you to do these two things. Because creating it in your mind requires clarity, purpose and a clear picture of what you truly want, this program requires a fair amount of work from you of putting together your pieces.

#3 Manifesting The Vision

Just as DALBD is stackable on TYLAL, Manifesting The Vision is the next step in the process; but it can only be accessed once the vision has been created. To continue our analogy of a building, if DALBD is the first floor, then MTV is the express elevator to the penthouse suite!

Manifesting your vision means you’re in the process of arriving. We never say “you’ve arrived” because that implies completion or an ending; and MTV will teach and show you that this is just the beginning!

This is where the rubber meets the road. Where you’ll learn the concepts, principles, steps and exercises designed to allow you to manifest the life you’d love to live in your reality.

Sound a little “woo-woo: or “out there?” It’s not. There are specific things you can do and specific things to not do, in order for your “dreams to come true”.

Know this. You most certainly have the power and ability to create that life; the one you’re dreaming of, because you are greater than any circumstance or condition you’re facing now, or will ever face!

The large majority of people live their lives by default. Life happens to them and is defined by their circumstances and conditions; our approach to life is different. We live our lives intentionally. We call it “living life by design, not by default”.

That’s what “Manifesting The Vision” is all about.

Know this…

There they are. The trifecta of true life transformation.

But as with any life-changing odyssey, and that’s what these programs are, there are a few things you should know up front. The primary thing is that by engaging here, you are deciding to live your life intentionally, instead of by default.

Rather than allow life to happen to you, you’re living your life by design. Your design.

There are a few things to be aware as you embark upon this path.

This Is A Growth Program And Is Your Personal Journey.

Power of Vision Workshop

I’ll listen and respond to your questions.

You’ll learn how to deal with stumbling blocks as they come up.
You’ll create a practical path forward based on what you want and need.

Free Self-Assessment:
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This assessment will determine where you are right now on the coaching-candidate continuum. In addition to finding out what type of coaching candidate you are, I’ll also send you helpful tips on ways to maximize your potential from where you are right now.

There Is A Spiritual Element To These Coaching Programs As Well

When true transformation occurs, there is always a spiritual element to it. Always.That’s because humans are spiritual beings as well as physical beings, and true transformation is from the inside out; from the spiritual side to the physical side.During these programs, you’ll have a chance to explore, or maybe even discover, that side of yourself. You can go as deep as you like, or you can stay as much on the surface as you desire. It’ll always be your choice. You’ll never be externally pressured about it. You may however, find yourself having conversations with yourself about it, and that’s great. That’s growth.Speaking of growth — true growth never happens in a comfort zone. You may find yourself exploring things which may make you a bit uncomfortable. Don’t worry. That’s normal and we deal with it very early on by learning how to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

I’ll Close With This

I had a coach, and I still have coaches today, who helped me. Instead of my former life of confusion, chaos and pain, I now live a life of purpose, clarity and peace.

I created this life first, before I ever wrote a book, or started coaching others in how to do it. It was important to me to not just be a “teacher” but to be a “doer” first — then to become a resource to others. As a result, the life I’m living today, is a life that is fulfilled and is rich in every aspect — spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically and materially.

I have experienced, and continue to experience, true transformation in my life. You can too.

Oprah Winfrey said it best:

“The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.”

Are you ready for your biggest adventure ever?