Transforming Your Life After Loss:
Finding Your Way To Peace, Joy And Happiness

Transforming Your Life After Loss will show you how to meet loss head on and how to deal with and overcome all the fear, anger, sadness, grief, depression, desperation and whatever else is created by a major loss.

It will provide you with a permanent foundation of concepts, principles, steps and exercises you can utilize in this and other areas of your life to create the significant and permanent change, meaning transformation, that you desire.

Transforming Your Life After Loss isn’t a “mindset” or another self-help program. It’s transformation on two levels. The first is transforming your approach to life in general and the second transformation involves you beginning your unique process of designing and creating the life you want and love.

Here’s What You Can Expect from
Transfoming Your Life After Loss

The 13 keys to getting past and overcoming major, traumatic loss.

To understand the difference between “stopping” and “never quitting”.
What grief TRULY is – and what it isn’t. Surprise! It’s NOT what the experts tell you it is.

What the Grief Curve is.

How to get comfortable being uncomfortable – and why it’s the key to a transformed life.
The power of discovery – and a 100% proven method to discovering your personal discovery process.
The “two states”; what they are, and the significance of both.
How to get “un-stuck”.
What those huge, hairy emotions really are, and how to deal with them effectively.
The way out of traumatic and overwhelming loss & grief. It’s a simple two-step process.
The importance of understanding, accepting, and owning…everything.
What the road less travelled really is; and if you want it, exactly how to find it.
What the ultimate secret really is when it comes to transforming your life.

It consists of a series of “stackable” concepts, steps and exercises designed to do one thing: get you out of where you are now, (your present), and into your future (your “next’s”), then into a life that you truly want and will love living.

“Transforming Your Life After Loss:
Finding Your Way To Peace, Joy And Happiness”

is more than a book, and it’s more than just a “mindset”.
It’s actually a lifestyle.

Meet the Author: John Craft

I grew up in the Midwest, in the heart of America, in a small town in the 1960’s and 70’s.

And yes, it was a small town exactly like what most small towns were like back then. People had families, the dads worked, the moms were stay at home homemakers, the kids walked to school and since there were no video-games, cell phones or personal computers, they played outside without supervision until dark or dinnertime — whichever came first.

People went to Friday night football and basketball games during those seasons, hung out at home doing chores on weekends, went to church on Sundays then had family dinners afterwards consisting of either pot roast or fried chicken and on rare special occasions, mouth-watering ham loaf!

To say my childhood was sheltered from the rest of the world and what it was really like would be an understatement of the highest order.

My Dad was a teacher and a farmer, and my Mom was a homemaker, who was always there for my siblings and I when we came home from school. Literally, nothing bad ever happened — or if it did, as kids, we never heard about it.

My parents were each other’s world’s, and that rolled down to us kids. I’m so grateful to my Mom and Dad for providing my brother and sister and I with that type of childhood. Without it, I’m not sure I’d be here today…no, scratch that. I KNOW I wouldn’t be here today, living the life I am now, after everything that’s happened since those early days.

At the age of seventeen, I joined the United States Marine Corps and went and saw the world. Literally. For someone who’s been an avid reader since childhood, of spy novels especially, and who possesses a vivid imagination, when I saw the real world, and the settings I’d read about for years, this was an eye-opening experience. It was also the beginning of becoming jaded and shaded about how I saw the world.

My mindset for years after was about gaining what I could and about thinking I didn’t deserve what I got or had. I lived in a state of constant fear of loss and focused more on what I thought I had instead of seeking opportunity or taking risks; even calculated ones.

It was never an expansive mindset or a happy one; it was always a mindset based in fear, of what was going to happen next; of waiting for the other shoe to drop. In other words, what will I lose now? It affected me, my family, what few friends I had — and in short — it affected my entire life.

The last 13-plus years have helped me? Forced me? To re-shape how I see the world, how I view and approach my life, and specifically about how I see loss and it’s aftermath. All that, including a little history of what happened, is covered inside the book, so I won’t go into it here.

What I will say here is that my approach, my attitude, (most of the time), along with my very way of life and being are now expansive instead of contracted and restrictive. I don’t have a “mindset” anymore; I have a beautiful, vibrant, fun, full and exciting life.

Instead of focusing on loss, I focus on recovery and restoration, and mainly on restoration.

I’ve always seen life — mine and others — as stories; and I’m living a best-seller.

I hope you will too.