I Believe

  I believe in redemption; in second & third chances. I believe in restoration, and everything that means. I believe in divine appointment. I believe that you and I both deserve to live the lives of our dreams. In short, I believe in transformation.

Welcome. I’m glad you’re here.

I believe that you being here, that you & I chatting, isn’t a fluke. It’s not coincidence. I don’t believe there are any coincidences. I believe we’re meant to connect in this way, in this place, and at this time — we’re both here for a reason. Listen to your inner self; trust your true self, the part that knows that everything happens for a reason. I created “Transforming Your Life After Loss” as my signature program; because everybody has either experienced loss, or will experience it, and there’s not much out there about what happens after. I created Craft Method Coaching as the platform to deliver that from, and because I realized that if I was able to experience victory over my life and transform it, then others can too. They just need a roadmap; one that’s easy to understand, easy to accept and easy to own; to become truly theirs.. One that’s not complicated, not hard and is easily done. That’s what this is.

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We All Experience Loss

Getting through it alone is hard; it may even be impossible. When you’re lost, a “North Star” is the guide to finding your way home. This is it. I’ve been through major loss in my life. But I’ve also experienced recovery and miraculous restoration. That means I know.

I don’t just sit on the sidelines. I’ve provided the roadmap with my book “Transforming Your Life After Loss – Finding your Way To Peace, Joy And Happiness.” I’m right here with you to both empower you and to help you through the tough stuff. But I’m also here to celebrate. Meaning that I’m here to celebrate you — and celebrate with you — as you experience your own transformation.

I’m not a “guru”. But since I’ve lived everything I teach, it’s not just an exercise for me; it’s all based on real-life experience, and what I learned and put into practice. It actually is my life. I simply help you discover your truths so you can take those and transform your own life.

The word “Craft”, has a lot of meanings; everything from “skill” to “art” to “expertise”. It’s my last name, and it’s appropriate. I have become skilled in this, and I’ve earned the expertise. I also believe that learning to transform your life is as much art as anything else. My name is an acronym which describes who and what I am, and what I stand for.

C stands for “Certified”.

I’m certified as a DreamBuilder coach through the Brave Thinking Institute and as a Sandler Training consultant. I also created Transforming Your Life After Loss.

R stands for “Reliable“.

I say what I will and what I won’t do…and I do what I say. You can count on me. My word is good.

A stands for “Authentic“.

What you see here is what you get. No games, no “bait & switch”, no mis-direction. Just true authenticity. I am who I am; what you see and hear is what you get.

F stands for “Fearless“.

I’ve walked this path, and lived it. I’ve fought and won many battles — and I’ve lost a few too. I have, however, won the war. I’ve stared fear down — I’ve defeated it — over and over again. I know how to win, and I can teach you how to win too. I’m stronger and better than any circumstance or condition in my life. So are you.

T stands for “Truthful“.

I’m truthful with myself first, and I’m truthful with others. Truth is important to me; it’s one of my core values. Without truth, all is a lie. Great houses cannot be built on lies. And yours? Yours is a great house!

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Especially the ‘Transform Your Life After Loss” page. I don’t just preach it; I practice it daily. You can learn more about me, my background, my experience and my credentials.

You can get a preview of, and purchase, my book “Transforming Your Life After Loss – Finding Your Way To Peace, Joy And Happiness.” You can listen to my podcast episodes. You can take a look at events I’m doing, register for my live and in-person workshops, and see my speaking engagements. You can take a look at the coaching programs I offer.

My promise to you is that when you understand, accept and own — when you make them truly yours — the concepts, steps and exercises in the book, you’ll be well on your way to transforming your own life — and as a result you’ll be able to get to the life you’d love living much faster.

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The page I’m most proud of though,
is the “What Others Are Saying” page.

These are real people who I’ve had the privilege of working with and have helped them facilitate real change in their lives. As a result, they’re on their personal paths to creating lives they love. Spend some time with them. Read their stories. Hear and feel their pain, But then experience their victories and their joy as they create lives they’re loving.

And as you’re looking around, jot down any questions you might have, then reach out and ask me those questions; I’d really love to hear them.

In closing, let me say that I wish many, many blessings for you and yours, and that I hope to meet you soon; whether it’s over Zoom, in person, or at an event.

John Craft