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The Building A Life You REALLY Want!
In-Person Workshop

Power of Vision Workshop

What It Is: The purpose of the workshop is simple: To give you what you need so you can design your personal path to living a life you’ll truly enjoy. When the workshop ends, you’ll have taken the first steps on your personal path forward; and will be well on your way to creating that life.

Who It’s For: If you recognize and understand there’s more for you and for your life; if you’re feeling a bit “stuck” in in any area; if you really don’t like your life; or if you’re just looking for the “secret sauce” to level up, and accelerate getting and achieving what you really want; then yes, this workshop is for you. (By the way — there is no “secret sauce” — just practical, proven and easy to implement concepts & tools you can use to begin creating a life you really want.)

Where It’s Held: Always in a local venue, and that’s generally in a hotel conference center. Venues are always public, and easily accessed. I like music, so we’ll have some of that, and I like breaks, too, so there’ll be some of those — including a lunch break where you’ll be able to meet and network with the people who are there with you.

Why In-Person: Zoom is amazing, and I use it a lot! But — I’ve discovered that there’s just nothing quite like the awesome power, the big energy and the literal, life-changing dynamic of a room full of people who are expressing common cause and finding solutions together.

What You can Expect: First of all, the environment is always comfortable and relaxed. Always. No fancy dress clothes, suits or neckties — I’ll generally be in jeans and a comfy shirt. Coffee, tea, herbal teas and water will be available as well as morning and mid-afternoon snacks.

There will no “certificates” handed out. This is not designed as a certification or as a professional experience. That also means no “quizzes” or call-outs. Since true curiosity is a significant element of the process, questions are encouraged.

This is an immersive and value-packed experience. While the curriculum is common to all, the results are purely unique to each person. You’ll receive proven, relatable, and usable concepts and techniques to assist you in creating the path forward for your personal journey — whatever it may be!

The workshop is a safe place, and a safe space. Meaning there will be no pressure of any kind. You’ll leave with tools and steps to begin creating your path to the life you really want…and you may even leave with a few personal epiphanies, too!

The workshop, while both practical and relatable, has been experienced by some as a somewhat emotional experience, but that’s OK. Emotion is part of the process — in fact, we do a whole “thing” on emotions and navigating them.

I truly hope to see you there.


Sometimes, in a workshop, it gets a little messy; but the significance of what is being created outshines all the mess, noise and clutter.

John Craft


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