The Grief Curve™

A Visual Journey Through Grief

How Do I Know I Am
Experiencing Grief?

You may be feeling extreme sadness

Or a low-level depression, maybe even serious depression
Or anger and rage
You may be experiencing a sense of despair
Or hopelessness
A sense that nothing will ever be the same, or will ever be right in your life again

I discovered that that there weren’t actually “stages of grief” — at least not for me — so I created the Grief Curve to visually track where I was at in the process; and to give myself a sense of hope.

What is the Grief Curve™?

The Grief Curve is a reflection of MY journey through grief. I designed it when I was in the middle of the grieving process and since it was my journey, there may be things you’ve experienced or are experiencing that I didn’t. Or my experiences may have been slightly different than yours.

Use the Grief Curve graphic as a starting point for you and for your life. It’s a visual way for you to see where you’re currently at, as well as where you’ve come from.

But most importantly, It’s a device by which you can understand that you don’t have to stay caught in it, or on it. You can get out of the Grief Curve. You can conquer grief.

The really treacherous part of grief is at the bottom of the curve; in “The Pit”. This is the “Danger Zone” on the curve, because when people get stuck in grief — and they do — this is where it happens. It was where I got stuck for a while.

Please know this, though. There are ways to get out of “The Pit”. A great place to start that journey is by reading, then implementing, the ideas and steps in my book “Transforming Your Life After Loss: Finding Your Way To Peace, Joy And Happiness.” My heart goes out to you for the pain you’re in, but here’s what I know. I know you’ll defeat grief. You are NOT alone.

How Do I Get The Grief Curve™

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